Get the convenience and reward of today’s leading snacks delivered right to your break room.

Snack Vending Machines in Maine Including Portland and New Hampshire

Whether you are looking for a salty crunch or sweet treat, we can provide the perfect vending snack program. We offer all the latest snack choices including brand name products and better-for-you, healthier alternatives. We will even accommodate special product requests in order to create the best product selection fit for each customer.

State-of-the-art vending machines ensure products stay fresh and within reach of employees and guests. Our machines feature cashless payment acceptance so users can pay in multiple ways including debit or credit cards, even mobile device. Plus, each machine has an internal sensor that ensures the purchased product is vended or your money back.

  • Most popular brand names
  • Indulgent and healthy items
  • Latest snack vending equipment

Guaranteed Product Delivery

Leave the worry of jammed product and lost money behind. All our vending machines are built with internal infrared sensors to monitor product delivery. If a selected product doesn’t fall into the delivery area, the vending machine will automatically refund the payment back to the employee or guest -- instantly.

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We service all of Maine and New Hampshire including but not limited to the following areas: Portland, South Portland, Saco, Biddeford, Augusta, Waterville, Bangor, Bath, Brunswick, Farmington, Calais, Bridgeton, Rumford and Bethel.